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Mauricio Vallejo

Connect and Build  2013 exhibition
at Fremont Gallery. Fine pieces of wood transformed by the creative artist Mauricio Vallejo into a playful fine artwork 
​Video Art: Robertino Fonseca

  1. Paris in black and white
    Roberto Gutierrez Exhibition at Fremont Gallery 2009.. Video Art: Robertino Fonseca
  2. Carlos Chavez-Andonegui
    Paris Exhibition, Artist Roberto Gutierrez. France Consulate. 2009
  3. Borders
    Ola Stensland Interviewed by Aaron Sanchez At Fremont Gallery, 2010
  4. the artist and THE SHADOW
    Elsa Flores art video Exhibition at Fremont Gallery
  5. The Color of Paris
    Roberto Gutierrez Exhibition, 2012 Video Art: Robertino Fonseca
  6. Madonnas
    Fine art Photographer Elizabeth Beristain, 2010 Video Art: Robertino Fonseca
  7. Retrospective
    Sebastian Chavez Retrospective from 3-12 years old, 2012 Video Art: Robertino Fonseca
  8. Under the same Moon and Sun
    Eva Malhotra artwork exhibition, 2014 Video Art: Robertino Fonseca
  9. Un Peu De Paris
    Robert Gutierrez, 2010. Video Art: Robertino Fonseca
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